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About Bear Lake RV Repair

Bear Like RV Repair is owned and run by Kelly. Kelly knows the ins and outs of all kinds of RV maintenance. He is hardworking and someone you can rely on. His work is top-notch due to his diverse training developed from his personal experience working on his own RV.

Kelly was born and raised in the Bear Lake Valley near the Utah/Idaho border. His pure passion for adventure took him all over the US, traveling and working while living in his RV. During that time Kelly discovered his interest in RV work and repair. Being constantly on the go forced him to learn repairs on his own instead of relying on the dealership. Kelly eventually returned home to Bear Lake, where he got certified as a RV technician through RVSA. Since then Bear Lake RV Repair has been serving the people in the Bear Lake area of Utah.

One of the greatest things about living in an RV is the ability to live where you want, and Kelly has decided to expand his company’s horizons to warmer climates during the fall and winter months. Starting in Fall 2024 Bear Lake RV Repair will be moving its mobile service to Southern Utah and Mesquite Nevada, and from that time forward the company will swap between the Bear Lake area during the Summer Months and the Mesquite NV area during the winter months.

If your vacation plans have been on pause because your RV is in need of maintenance, then we invite you to call us at 208-540-2149. We can verify what area we will be serving at the time of your planned vacation, so that you can know that where you go you will have a reliable RV repairman close by in case of an emergency.


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  • Slide-out malfunctions
  • Leveling systems
  • Awning Repair and Replacement
  • Fridge, Furnace, and AC Repair.