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RV Repair Mesquite NV

If you are looking for RV Repair Mesquite NV, you are in the right place. We can help you.

Bear Lake RV Repair does all sorts of RV repair work including A/C & Furnace, Appliances, Awnings, De-Winterizing, Winterization, Electrical, Grey & Black Tanks, and Roofs & Slide Outs. If you need any help with your RV or camper please call Bear Lake RV Repair at 208-540-2149.

If you are wondering why you’ve found “Bear Lake RV Repair” when you searched RV Repair Mesquite NV, the answer is simple. Starting in 2024, we decided to split our service area seasonally and expand our horizons to help better assist our customers. Our company gets its name from our first service location: the Bear Lake Valley in Northern Utah. We have provided exceptional RV repair service For years to residents and visitors of Bear Lake, and now we are bringing our services to the warmer climates of Mesquite, NV, and Southern Utah.

Why we picked Mesquite.
Vacationers like to go where the weather is nice, and Mesquite is known for being a great recreational area in the cooler months of the year. It’s warm, and sunny, and has an average of zero for its annual snowfall. Additionally, it has a lot of really nice outdoor locations, so it is no surprise that campers and RVers love Mesquite. However, it does get rather hot during the summer, which tends to drive the vacationers, and even the residents on occasion, to look for cooler climates.

We picked Mesquite for our winter service area because it is the perfect match to Bear Lake. Their climates compliment each other. When one is too hot or too cold, the other is just right, and by dividing our time between the two of them we believe that we will be able to better serve a higher number of people. 

Call 208-540-2149 to schedule your RV services with Bear Lake RV Repair. If we aren’t currently in your area we soon will be, and would love to get you on the schedule.


We are here to support your adventure!

  • Slide-out Malfunctions
  • Leveling Systems
  • Awning Repair and Replacement
  • Fridge, Furnace, and AC Repair

Mobile RV Repair Mesquite NV

Are having you trouble with your RV and aren’t sure where to go for help? No need to worry. Bear Lake RV Repair will come to you. We clean and inspect air conditioners, flush water heaters, lubricate and adjust awnings, condition slide-outs, and much more. With our Mobile RV Repair Mesquite NV services you don’t have to let the little things or the big things get in the way of your vacation. Call us today, and let’s get your RV back in working order.

One of the greatest things about being a mobile RV repair Mesquite NV service is that we have the freedom to go where our customers are. This is nice for us because it gives us an excuse to get out of the cold weather for a while, but is great for our customers because it enables them to get the help they need no matter where they are. We can perform many different types of repair work at the location of the RV, whether that is at a camping spot, in a driveway, or at a storage facility.

Mobile RV Repair Mesquite NV services are better for everyone involved. On-site repairs save our visiting customers time and money and help them have a better overall experience. Having a better experience encourages them to come back again, and maybe bring or invite others as well. Which brings more revenue to the area, and us. Onsite repair is also helpful for Mesquite residents. They get the same savings and services as the vacationers do, and we can also help with important maintenance like winterization and de-winterization.

RV Repair Mesquite NV: Roof Inspections and Repair

Did you know that your roof can wear out? The protective surface of your roof is constantly battered by heat, moisture, and windblown debris. This is why having a regularly scheduled roof inspection is one of the best ways to avoid roof-related issues.  It is recommended that this be done by a professional at least twice a year—once at the beginning of the season and once at the end. Roof inspections are a great way to help ensure the longevity of your roof.

During our inspection, we look at all the seals to make sure that they are still in good condition. Any seals that show signs of wear and tear will be removed and resealed to ensure that your roof can keep you safe from the sun and the rain. 

Having any hole in your roof no matter how small is an invitation for moisture, bugs, and other unwanted outside elements to get into your lovely RV. At Bear Lake RV Repair we also look for any other possible leaks, holes, cracks, and signs of rot that your roof may have, and can help you find the solution for all of them.

If your roof is showing signs of trouble then you need RV Repair Mesquite NV from Bear Lake RV Repair.

Mesquite NV RV Repair: RV Refrigerator Repair

Is your refrigerator running? If your answer to that question is anything other than “Yes, it works perfectly!” then we invite you to call Bear Lake RV Repair. Having a functioning refrigerator, it could be said, is one of the most wonderful parts of any RV trip. Broken fridges, on the other hand, bring several problems that nobody wants with them on vacation. Spoiled food, bacteria, bad smells, and puddles of murky water, are just a few things that a broken fridge can produce.

Whether your fridge is straight broken or just not working quite right, Bear Lake RV Repair is here to help. We know the ins and outs of RV refrigerator repair and can replace bad cooling boards and other components, as long as they haven’t been discontinued. Bear Lake RV Repair can also help you replace the fridge if it is broken beyond the point of repair.

Don’t let your vacation be ruined by a broken fridge. Call Bear Lake RV Repair today and as for our RV Refrigerator Repair services.

Mobile RV Repair Mesquite NV: Awnings

Awnings are great. Their ability to create shade makes the area directly around your RV that much more enjoyable and relaxing. In Mesquite Nevada and the surrounding areas having extra shade can make a real difference. Thanks to the dry climate, shaded areas can actually be as much as 20-30 degrees cooler than areas in direct sunlight, so having additional shade to use helps moderate the temperature around your RV and inside it too. As you can imagine, most awnings see a lot of use. Maintenance is important to make sure that the arms, electronics, and the fabric of the shade all stay in good condition.

At Bear Lake RV Repair, we can help with any awning related problems. These beautiful contraptions are prone to stress damage from high-winds and other bad weather. If you notice that your awning could use a little upkeep, call Bear Lake RV Repair today and ask for a RV Repair Mesquite NV awning service.

RV Repair Mesquite NV: Appliances

RVs would be much less appealing without the many built-in and portable appliances that they allow their owners to take with them on the road. The purpose of any appliance is to save its user time on the assigned task. They make life more convenient. However, when they break or aren’t functioning as they should, that convenience factor quickly does a 180° turn and becomes a burden. Replacing appliances can be costly, and trying to find the perfect replacement in a rural area, or somewhere else that is away from the main thoroughfare, is usually a difficult to an impossible task. Thankfully, most appliances can be repaired.

If an electrical appliance is having issues, there is always a reason for it. Wires break. Gears wear down. Parts get shook loose. Whatever the problem, big or small, Break Lake RV Repair can help you find it and fix it. Kelly is a licensed RV Repair Mesquite NV professional who can fix most anything. In situations where repair is impossible or not advisable (e.g. potential safety issues), and it becomes necessary to retire the appliance, our man Kelly can advise you on how to find a suitable replacement, and possibly bring it and install it for you.

RV Repair Mesquite NV: A/C & Furnace

One sure fire thing that can make living in an RV less appealing is when the A/C and the Furnace don’t function like they should. Just because there isn’t as much snowfall in Mesquite as in Idaho or Montana does not mean that it doesn’t get cold. In fact, Arizona, Nevada, and some parts of Southern Utah can get incredibly cold during the winter, especially at night time; Though they are known for how hot they can get during the day in summer and fall. Having a properly working A/C and furnace is an important buffer between you and the intense temperatures of the desert.

If you are experiencing any type of failure in your A/C unit or furnace, we invite you to contact the experts of Mesquite NV RV Repair at Bear Lake RV Repair. We have many years of experience working with RV A/Cs and furnaces. With a few quick questions and a little investigation, we will get to the bottom of the issue and help you fix it. 

RV Water Heater Repair

While a cold shower there and again might be good for the body, having to take one every day because of a faulty water heater is a grievance that can be easily remedied with help from Mesquite NV RV Repair from Bear Lake RV Repair.

There are many reasons why your water heater might not be working correctly. Some of them as are simple as needing to relight the pilot light, but many are much more complicated. No matter what issue your water heater is having, we can help you fix it, whether through repair or replacement.

Hot water is an important commodity, both for comfort and for health, and being able to have it whenever you need it is one of the biggest benefits of having an RV.  If your water heater isn’t doing its job then we invite you to call the best RV Repair Mesquite NV service—Bear Lake RV Repair—to get your water heater up and running again.

Mobile RV Repair Mesquite NV: Slide-outs

Are your slide outs stuck? Whether stuck in or out, having sticky slide-outs is a real problem that many RV owners face. Bear Lake RV repair can help you find and fix the cause of your sticky slide-outs. We are fully equipped to deal with motor burnout, power issues, blockages, and more. Let us help you get your slide-outs working again so that you can enjoy your vacation and be ready to get back on the road when the time comes.


Prepping your RV for the winter is just as important as prepping your home and vehicle. While winter in the Mesquite area is generally pretty mild, the temperature can still drop to below freezing which puts your water pipes at risk. Winterization is especially important for those who will not be using their RV during the winter season. Getting this important maintenance service done on time is a great way to ensure the longevity of your RV.

Our RV Repair Mesquite NV Winterization service includes draining and storing the hookups and drains, blowing out the water pipes, and adding antifreeze to the drains and outside water intake. All these steps are important because they protect the RV’s water system from bursting and rupturing in freezing temperatures.


Just as important as winterization is the de-winterization process. In the de-winterization process of our Mesquite NV RV Repair, we flush the antifreeze from the drains and intakes and take careful care to make sure that all the hookups and drains are properly secured.

Mesquite NV RV Repair: Electrical Services

Without electricity RVs would be a lot less comfortable and a lot less safe to travel in. Electricity powers the majority of your RV both inside and out, and since it is all connected, having any electrical issue can lead to a larger problem. To protect yourself and other people it is always best to prioritize fixing any electrical issues.

Bear Lake RV Repair’s owner, Kelly, is professionally licensed and trained to work on all electrical-related RV Repair Mesquite NV problems. He has the experience and necessary tools to properly diagnose problems related to the 110-vot and 12-volt systems and find a solution. Don’t leave yourself and others at risk of fire, power loss, accidents, and other additional damage and danger that malfunctioning or broken electronics can cause. No matter if you have an outlet that doesn’t give power or a light that wont turn on. Bear Lake RV Repair is here to help solve the problem and keep you and others safe.